Canon StarWriter Pro 5000

"Canon StarWriter Pro 5000", alias "Canon StarWriter Pro 5000 PPS" (PPS = Personal Publishing System)

Taking Word Processing To A Whole New Dimension

Fast, Quiet, High-Quality, Non-Impact, Bubble Jet Printing
The Bubble Jet printer is contained within the system, so you don't have to buy a separate printer.
14" Super-Flat CRT With VGA Resolution
Large CRT with 16 shades of gray for enhanced readability.
Impressive Collection Of Clip Art
100 clip art images to help create imaginative documents.

Powerful, Built-In Applications
Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Appointment Manager, Address Book, Calculator, Disk Manager and more!
Unlimited Storage on 1.44 MB Disks
Use standard 3.5", 1.44 MB or 720 KB floppy disks.
Built-In Dictionary and Thesaurus
100,000-word dictionary and 42,000-word thesaurus
Zoom In and Zoom Out
Greatly improves editing capabilities.
Communicate with PCs
DOS text file, WordPerfect®, and Lotus® 1-2-3® conversion capabilties.
Over 7,000 Scalable Font Sizes
Font sizes ranging from 4 point to 792 point put the StarWriter Pro into a class of its own.

The Perfect Tool For Running A Business

Combining powerful, integrated software with our versitile Bubble Jet printer, StarWriter Pro 5000 Personal Publishing System (PPS) provides text and graphic capabilites that are virtually unlimited.
Over 1,000,000 combinations of fonts, styles, sizes, shading, and character gradation let you create just the look you want for your documents.
A library of 100 clip art images provides even greater visual impact.
With its highly-effective features and applications, this all-in-one system is ideal for your professional needs.

Powerful And Easy To Use With The Graphical User Interface

Never before have so many powerful features been so simple to operate. Every application is consistent in design, with a logical, easy-to-use approach that facilitates learning. And thanks to StarWriter Pro 5000's Graphical User Interface, with its visually stimulating windows, status icons, and pull-down menus, every function you need is readily available on the high-resolution, 14" super-flat VGA monitor.
Even if you should require assistance, you'll quickly find it through "Context Sensitive Help." This unique PPS capability recognizes which feature or function you're working on, and gives you the specific help you need.

Bubble Jet Printing Delivers Professional Results

When it comes time to print, the StarWrite Pro 5000 brings you an unsurpassed level of convenience, quality, and speed.
Our versitile Bubble Jet printer is self-contained within the system, so you'll avoid the hassles and costs of buying a separate printer. At the same time, this all-in-one system generates high-quality output at 360 x 360 dpi.
Three printing modes are available to satisfy your specific requirements - all of the faster than daisy wheel personal word processors. "Fine" mode delivers the best quality at 80 characters per second (cps). "Economy" mode combines excellent quality with ink saving efficientcy, doubling the speed to 160 cps. "Draft" mode offers the highest level of ink savings with draft quality output, also printing at 160 cps.