This is how you can create PDFs with Geos under a plain DOS (=without using Windows/Linux/OS/2/Mac-tools):

  1. Install Ghostview for DOS. It can be found on this page.
    I've tested this with version 5.10. I've simply extracted the contents of into a folder named "C:\GS510". (According to the download-page, I should have used "C:\GS"!)
  2. Now the printer needs to be configured under Geos:
    • English ENSEMBLE 4.*: Express-Menu - Settings - Preferences - Printer - New - Type of Device: Printer - Printer: Ghostscript Software RIP color (Postscript) - Port: To File - Connected: Always. Now under "Default Sizes"/"Set Default Page Size": Set size to "A4 Letter" and all "Margin"-values to 0.63 cm. Then click onto OK.
    • German ENSEMBLE 4.*: Datei - Voreinstellungen - Drucker - Neu - Gerätetyp: Drucker - Drucker: GhostScript Software RIP Farbe (PostScript) - Schnittstelle: in Datei - Verbindung: immer. Dann bei Standard-Einstellungen: Größe DIN A4 - Ränder überall 0,63 cm und OK.
    • Older GEOS without "GhostScript"-driver: Simply use the "Schlumberger Color Postscript"-driver. (Some users have reported that the "Generic Postscript"-driver works fine for them as well.)
    • Of course one can chose different values for the "margin", e.g. 0cm for "border-less printing". Or increase the margins to 1cm or even 1.5cm if you want to be on the safe side when printing the PDF on various printers later on.
  3. Now print into a PS-file (=with the above printer). Set the extension to ".PS" and location to "C:\GS510"!
  4. Now create a DOS-Launcher. "DOS-file" is "ps2pdf.bat" from "C:\GS510". Select "Ask for options each time".
  5. Now start the DOS-Launcher. As "command string"/"DOS command line arguments" we'll have to use the name of the PS-file and the name of the PDF-file, e.g. "TEST.PS TEST.PDF". Now click onto "use this command string". Geos will be terminated for a second... and when it gets started again, you'll have a "TEST.PDF" in your "C:\GS510"-folder.
  6. Done! (Okay, there could be some more optimizations, ...)


  • This Ghostscript-version is outdated and only produces PDF-files in the "PDF 1.2-format" (as used in approx. 1996 by the Acrobat Reader 3.0). (In fact this isn't such a disadvantage as we don't need any of the newer features ;-)
  • There are some reports that Ghostscript before 7.00 will have problems when creating PDF-files that contain empty pages. I haven't found out whether Ghostscript creates an erroneous PDF or whether this problem only occurs when opening those PDFs in older versions of the Adobe-Acrobat-reader :-(


  • When you do have a Geos 3.x (or newer) without the "Ghostview"-printer-driver, you should take a look at this page.