Steve Main schrieb:
"If you have any working version of Geos installed, you can use the serial number from its GEOS.INI file. Geoworks published generic serial numbers in the GeoInfo Database that can be used for any version, including the newer versions of NewDeal. Additionally, the shareware and evaluation versions included serial numbers in the GEOS.INI file that can also be used with any version from Geos 2 on. Thus, valid serial numbers have been distributed freely all over the Internet:

3000-6393-3250-0911 (from NewDeal evaluation version)

All GEOS serial numbers have 16 digits (4 numbers separated by a dash, 4 numbers, etc.)

1.0 serial numbers begin with 1000
1.2 serial numbers begin with 200X
Geoworks Pro serial numbers begin with 2006
Quick Start numbers start with 2105
NEC & Sony numbers start with 2008
Leading Edge DTM numbers begin with 2005
Ent Marketing/KLH numbers start at 2003
POS Desktop numbers start with 2101
POS Designer begin with 2102
POS Writer begin with 2103

For all of the above GEOS 1.x software, try the generic serial number: 2001-0019-0517-0498

Every customer has the same serial number in GEOS 2.0: (1000-0022-0278-1056).


Bei den Betaversionen von NDO2000 ging z.T. auch die Nummer 0000-0000-0000-0000.

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